Phormium Emerald Gem
(Dwarf Mountain Flax)

Phormium Emerald Gem
(Dwarf Mountain Flax)


Foliage Colour: Green
Growth Rate: Medium
Mature Height: 0.6 m
Mature Width: 0.7 m
Sun: Full Sun, Part Shade
Drainage: Dry, Moist
Category: Flax
Features: Native. Suitable for ground cover. Attractive to birds, insects, lizards and bees. Flower colour: Yellow.

Phormium cookianum Emerald Gem is very popular for amenity planting, as it is smaller growing than Phormium cookianum. This dwarf variety of Flax produces narrow, sword like leaves that are a striking emerald green colour. Through summer it produces yellow flowers on tall stems that attract all manner of birds. This variety typically grows to 60 cm tall and 70 cm wide with a tidy and compact habit.  Emerald Gem is a versatile plant that makes a fantastic addition to mixed plantings and borders, using in coastal gardens, planting to accentuate water features such as ponds and streams, or growing around pool and barbecue areas. It is also well suited for mass planting on a bank and in these situations provides an impressive display.

It performs best when planted in full sun on a well-drained site though it will tolerate frost, coastal conditions, wind, poor soils, moderate shade, and cool climates.

Flowering: Spring [October to December]
Fruiting:    Summer [January to March]


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