Improve Privacy with our Hedging Plants in Christchurch

The privacy of ones backyard is an important aspect of any home, and this can be achieved in a tasteful manner that ultimately looks more aesthetic than a wood or brick fence. Our selection of screening plants for Christchurch residents offer this feature by forming a solid and durable barrier whilst appearing visually pleasing and lush. Whatever hedging plant requirements you may have, we'll have a solution that'll cater to your needs.

The basics of maintaining your hedging plants

Your hedge will be with you for the long haul so ensure you prepare the soil well. Add organic matter and a general fertiliser, eradicate perennial weeds and lay drains if needed. For closely planted hedges, dig trenches, using a stick cut to length to keep the spacing consistent. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the best results from your hedging plants in Christchurch.


There are no rules about spacing. Densely planted screening plants look fuller faster, but it’s healthier for plants if they’re not competing too closely for water and nutrients. As a rough guide, separate plants by 20-30cm for knee-high hedges, 30-40cm for waist-high hedges and 50-100cm for anything higher. Double-spaced hedges made up of two alternating rows are only necessary for species that tend to leave gaps at the base and that are relatively cheap.

General maintenance

Feed most hedges blood and bone once a year to keep them healthy and well nourished. Also make sure you clip hedges while you can still see the shape and line of last year’s cut. Aim to create a tapered A-shaped profile for formal hedging so that plenty of light reaches the base, preventing it from thinning. For the same reason, keep surrounding plantings cut back.

Quality matters

Only purchase good quality screening plants within Christchurch - don't be tempted with bargain bin offer. After care is important too – including tasks such as mulching, irrigation and weeding.