Festuca actae
(Banks Peninsula Blue Tussock)

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Festuca actae
(Banks Peninsula Blue Tussock)

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Foliage Colour: Blue-Green
Growth Rate: Fast
Mature Height: 0.4 m
Mature Width: 0.4 m
Site Condition: Coastal, Exposed, Frost Tolerant, Heavy Soil, Sandy Soil, Windy
Sun: Full Sun
Drainage: Dry
Category: Grass
Features: Native. Suitable for bordering or edging. Attractive to birds and insects. Flower colour: Blonde. Fruit colour: Blonde. Suitable restoration species.

Festuca actae, commonly called Banks Peninsula Blue Tussock, is a small tussock with fine rolled blue foliage from Banks Peninsula. The erect flowering stems reach 75cm. Tolerates full sun but grows best in light shade in southern climates. The showy yellow flowers in late spring bring interest to the garden and can provide food for birds in autumn.

Habitat: Coastal to montane. On rocks, rock outcrops, bluffs, talus and stabilised, sparsely vegetated slopes.

Flowering: Spring [October - December]
Fruiting:    Summer - Autumn [November - April]

Tags: PoorSoils


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